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1Subject dataBASE – S01
2Subject dataBASE – S02
3Subject dataBASE – S03
4Subject dataBASE – S04
5Subject dataBASE – S05
6Subject dataBASE – S06
7Subject dataBASE – S07
8Subject dataBASE – S08
9Subject dataBASE – S09
10Subject dataBASE – S10
11Subject dataBASE – S11
12Subject dataBASE – S12
13Subject dataBASE – S13
14Subject dataBASE – S14
15Subject dataBASE – S15
16Subject dataBASE – S16
17Subject dataBASE – S17
18Subject dataBASE – S18
19Subject dataBASE – S19
20Subject dataBASE – S20
21Subject dataBASE – S21
22Protocol DefinitionBASE Study1 – Protocol definition.pdf
23Screening Questions and C-TestBASE_Study1 – Screening questions and C-Test.pdf
24Screening evaluation and Demographic data BASE_Study1 – Screening and Demographic data.xls
25Code snippets with Bug LocationBASE_Study1 – Codes with bugs locations.pdf
26NASA-TLX Evaluation data BASE_Study1 – Evaluation_NASA_TLX.xls
27Bug Detection Evaluation dataBase Study1 – Bug Detection Evaluation data.xls