EEG P300 Dataset

The dataset includes data from 15 participants, with 7 sessions each. It represents the complete EEG recordings of a feasibility clinical trial (clinical-trial ID: NCT02445625 — that tested a P300-based Brain Computer Interface to train youngsters with Autism Spectrum Disorder to follow social cues

Respiratory Sounds Dataset

The Respiratory Sound database was originally compiled to support the scientific challenge organized at Int. Conf. on Biomedical Health Informatics – ICBHI 2017. The current version of this database is made freely available for research and contains both the public and the private dataset of the ICBHI challenge.

Cardiac Function Dataset

This study was designed to assess if phonocardiogram (PCG), photoplethysmogram (PPG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) can be used to accurately measure systolic and diastolic time intervals as well as other parameters such as the stroke volume and cardiac contractility. The study was carried out with 68 volunteers in the “Centro Hospitalar da Universidade de Coimbra”, Coimbra, Portugal.

BASE Mental Effort Monitoring Dataset

This study was designed to investigate how mental effort in reading and understanding programs of different complexity can be measured by a set of sensors placed in the programmers (subjects) that participated in the experiment.